Monday, November 12, 2007

Prelude in C, J. S. Bach

This is a special performance as I got to play this piece on a vintage German piano at my teacher's house. I felt it's sound was very different and eerie: playing this piano was like going into a different age!

About the Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach was a pioneer of the Baroque era of classical Music. This was an early era which saw several intellectual and innovative feats. Many musical forms and systems followed today were established in this period. As a child, Bach used to walk several miles to listen to music. He had twenty children, ten of whom survived to adulthood. His house was a place where he taught them and many others music!

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Neeraj said...

Hi.. I am Neeraj, got your link on Orkut (The pianists & keyboardists community)..
I know i am not qualified enough to really comment, but just a thing that i noticed...
I think you are sitting too close to the piano, which is affecting your left hand wrist position. Try moving behind a bit, and occupying only 2/3rd of the stool, so that your elbows are in front of your shoulder line.... try it and lemme know if it helped... :)
all the best